Base Malts

2-Row Pale Base maltGreat Western(US)$1.25 per pound2L
6-Row MaltRahr Malting (US)$1.60 per pound2.1-2.5L
Amber MaltT. Fawcett(UK)
$1.60 per pound43L
Brown MaltT. Fawcett(UK)
$1.60 per pound66-76L
Copeland PaleSkagit Valley Malting(US)
$1.75 per pound1.9-2.8L
Golden PromiseT. Fawcett(UK)
$1.60 per pound2.3-3L
Marris OtterBairds(UK)
$1.60 per pound2.4-3.1L
Munich10 (light/bonlander)Briess(US)
$1.60 per pound10L
Munich20 (dark/aromatic)Briess(US)
$1.60 per pound20L
Pale High ColorGreat Western(US)
$1.35 per pound2.78L
Belgian PaleDingamens(Belgium)$1.75 per pound2.7-3.8L
German PilsnerBest Malz(Germany)
$1.60 per pound1.6-2.3L
Francin PilsnerSkagit Valley Malting(US)
$1.75 per pound2.1L
Belgian PilsnerDingamens(Belgium)
$1.75 per pound1.4-1.8L
German Pilsner (Floor malted Bohemian)Weyermann(Germany$1.75 per pound1.6-2.3L
Red WheatBriess(US)
$1.60 per pound2.3L
Rye MaltCanada Malting(CA)
$1.60 per pound1.8-3.2L
Vienna (Goldpils)Briess(US)
$1.60 per pound3.5L
White Wheat
Great Western(US)
$1.60 per pound3.5L
Talisman (true british ale)Skagit Valley Malting(US)$1.60 per pound1.93L
Oat MaltCanada Malting (CA)$2.00 per pound2.3-2.9L

Specialty Malts

Acidulated MaltWeyermann(Germany)$2.25 per pound1.7-2.8L
AromaticDingemens(Belgium)$2.00 per pound15.5-23L
BiscuitDingemens(Belgium)$2.00 per pound18-27L
Caramel 10Briess(US)$2.00 per pound10L
Caramel 20Briess(US)$2.00 per pound20L
Caramel 40Briess(US)$2.00 per pound40L
Caramel 60Briess(US)$2.00 per pound60L
Caramel 80Briess(US)$2.00 per pound80L
Caramel 120Briess(US)$2.00 per pound120L
Crystal 150Great Western(US)$2.00 per pound150L
CararedWeyermann(Germany)$2.00 per pound15-25L
Crystal RyeT. Fawcett(UK)$2.00 per pound60L
Caramel Munich Briess(US)$2.00 per pound60L
Carapils (Dextrin)Briess(US)$2.00 per pound1.5L
Caramel VienneBriess(US)$2.00 per pound20L
Caracrystal wheatBriess(US)$2.00 per pound55L
Cherry Smoked MaltBriess(US)$2.25 per pound5L
Golden Naked OatsSimpsons malting(UK)$2.25 per pound5.5-9.6L
Honey MaltGambrinus(Canada)$2.00 per pound20-25L
MelanoidinWeyermann(Germany)$2.25 per pound23-31L
Peated MaltSimpson malting(UK)$2.25 per pound1.3-1.7L
Rauch (beechwood smoked)BEST Malz(Germany)$2.00 per pound1.7-3.6L
Special BDingamens(Belgium)$2.00 per pound113-135L
Special RoastBriess(US)$2.00 per pound40L
VictoryBriess(US)$2.00 per pound28L

Dark Malts(150L+)

Black MaltBriess(US)$2.00 per pound500L
Black PrinzBriess(US)$2.00 per pound500L
Carafa 2 (dehusked)Weyermann(Germany)$2.00 per pound375-450L
Chocolate MaltBriess(US)$2.00 per pound350L
Chocolate RyeWeyermann(Germany)$2.00 per pound190-300L
Chocolate WheatWeyermann(Germany)$2.00 per pound375-450L
British Chocolate MaltSimpsons(UK)$2.00 per pound400-488L
Midnight WheatBriess(US)$2.00 per pound550L
Pale Chocolate MaltT. Fawcett(UK)$2.00 per pound200-260L
Roasted BarleyBriess(US)$2.00 per pound300L


Flaked BarleyBriess(US)$2.00 per pound1.4L
Flaked CornBriess(US)$2.00 per pound.8L
Flaked OatsBriess(US)$2.00 per pound2.5L
Flaked RiceBriess(US)$2.00 per pound1L
Flaked RyeBriess(US)$2.00 per pound3L
Flaked WheatBriess(US)$2.00 per pound2L
Rice HullsBriess(US)$2.00 per pound0L
Torrified WheatBriess(US)$2.00 per pound1.5L
Unmalted WheatGreat Western(US)$2.00 per pound0L

We do our best to keep our product availability and pricing up to date; however they are subject to change without notice.