Northwest Brewers Supply All-Grain Beer Kits

NWBS All Grain brewing kits are especially designed for intermediate and advanced brewing.  These kits include Wyeast liquid yeast, crushed grains, traditional hops, bottling sugar and complete beer recipe.


Mt. Cream Ale

Honey Cream Ale All-Grain $33.99

A pale, straw colored ale, light-bodied, clean, balanced and refreshing beer.
OG=1.048, FG=1.014, ABV=4.5%, IBU=18, Fermentation Temp Range 58-68° F

6th Street Wheat

American Wheat Beer All-Grain $33.99

One of the most approachable beers in craft with a clean yeast profile, with a soft malt flavor and a dry finish. Bittered with Hallertau hops and finished with citrus notes of cascade hops.
OG=1.052, FG=1.011, ABV=5.3%, IBU=20, Fermentation Temp Range 58-74° F

Whidbey Wit

Belgian Wit All-Grain $32.99

A refreshing, and elegant wheat-based beer with the additions of orange peel and coriander seed
OG=1.047, F.G.=1.011, ABV=4.7%, IBU=14, Fermentation Temp Range 62-75° F


Dunkelweisen All-Grain $33.99

Mahogany brown colored, wheat-based ale with rich malt flavors and subtle banana and clove accents.
OG=1.00, F.G.=1.013, ABV=4.9%, IBU=14, Fermentation Temp Range 64-75° F

Temptation Ale

Kölsch style All-Grain $34.99

A very pale to light gold delicately balanced Kölsch style ale with hints of flavor/aroma hops and fruitiness that finishes dry to slightly sweet.
OG=1.052, FG=1.012, ABV=5.2%, IBU=20, Fermentation Temp Range 56-70° F

James Blonde

Hoppy Blonde Ale All-Grain $32.99

A light, straw-colored ale, with a low bittering, full flavor hop profile. Smooth malt tones coupled with a crisp lager-like finish.
OG=1.052, FG=1.015, ABV=4.8%, IBU=34, Fermentation Temp Range 58-68° F

Valley Saison

Saison All-Grain $37.99

This light and highly attenuated beer, finishes dry to slightly tart, coupled with mild fruity and spicy aromas.
OG=1.059, F.G.=1.009, ABV=6.5%, IBU=20, Fermentation Temp Range 65-77° F

Cascade Pale Ale

American Pale Ale All-Grain $35.99

A nice drinking, everyday pale ale, featuring cascade hops throughout the boil.
OG=1.052, FG=1.013, ABV=5.1%, IBU=38, Fermentation Temp Range 60-72° F

Red Tide

Irish Red Ale All-Grain $34.99

Just a touch of roasted malt gives this brew a nice red color, coupled with traditional hops, Red tide is a crowd pleaser that everyone can enjoy.
OG=1.053, FG=1.013, ABV=5.2%, IBU=21, Fermentation Temp Range 62-72° F

Chuckanut Brown

English Brown Ale All-Grain $36.99

Northern English Brown ale, with mild chocolate & roast malts and a hint of nutty character from victory malt.
OG=1.055, FG=1.012, ABV=5.7%, IBU=25, Fermentation Temp Range 62-72° F

Anacortes Alt

German Alt All-Grain $33.99

Subtle malty aroma, with balanced hop presence. Finishes smooth, with a clean lager-like character.
OG=1.049, FG=1.011, ABV=5%, IBU=34, Fermentation Temp Range 55-68° F

Woolley Porter

Porter Style All-Grain $34.99

A complex beer with a nice roasted malt character and sweetness will have you coming back for more.
OG=1.053, FG=1.012, ABV=5.4%, IBU=33, Fermentation Temp Range 62-72° F

Skagit Stout

Dry Irish Stout All-Grain $32.99

Jet black stout, with complex coffee-like aromas from the roasted malts and a creamy, long-lasting head.
OG=1.053, FG=1.014, ABV=5.1%, IBU=32, Fermentation Temp Range 62-72° F

Mac & Jack Clone

Amber Ale All-Grain $38.99

A staple here in the pacific northwest, this amber ale is accented with notes of toffee and citrus notes. A brew that everyone can enjoy.
OG=1.060, F.G.=1.015, ABV=5.91%, IBU=36, Fermentation Temp Range 64-72° F

Sacred Cow IPA

West Coast IPA All-Grain $47.99

A fully upgraded version of the flagship beer. A modern IPA with late additions of Simcoe and Amarillo. Now dry hopped with Cryo Cascade.
OG=1.059, FG=1.015, ABV=5.7%, IBU=69, Fermentation Temp Range 60-72° F

Octopus Ink

Cascadian dark ale (CDA) All-Grain $46.99

With the deep depth hue of a stout and all the hops you need, this beer will blow your mind. A nice roast presence dominated by northwest hops!
OG=1.056, FG=1.014, ABV=5.6%, IBU=75, Fermentation Temp Range 60-72° F


New England IPA (NEIPA) All-Grain $53.99

Get a little blurry with a 1/2lb. of Hops. Features a double-dry-hop addition with Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado.

OG=1.059, FG=1.016, ABV=5.7%, IBU=45, Fermentation Temp Range 64-74° F

Lagers and high Gravity Brews

Lagers and High Gravity brews require additional yeast, please make an appropriate yeast starter, or simply purchase an additional package.

Clear Lake Lager

Helles Style lager All-Grain $32.99

A pale/ gold colored Helles style lager features a slightly sweet malt flavor mixed with noble hops.
OG=1.053, FG=1.012, ABV=5.3%, IBU=16, Fermentation Temp Range 45-68° F


Marzen All-Grain $36.99

Smooth, clean, and rather rich with a depth of malt character. A nice deep gold color.
OG=1.057, F.G.=1.014, ABV=5.7%, IBU=24, Fermentation Temp Range 46-58° F

Rockport 8

Belgian Dark Strong All-Grain $51.99

Dark, rich, complex, and dangerous! This Belgian style dark strong ale is reminiscent of the famous Rochefort 8.
OG=1.078, FG=1.016, ABV=8.2%, IBU=21, Fermentation Temp Range 65-75° F

Freedom Fighter

Scotch Ale All-Grain $49.99

A strong, malty Scotch ale with peated malt notes and vanilla tones from the addition of oak chips. Serve with cold weather……
OG=1.080, F.G.=1.023, ABV=7.6%, IBU=27, Fermentation Temp Range 55-75° F

Inside Passage

Imperial IPA All-Grain $56.99

This imperial IPA has a huge amount of hops, but they are not alone, honey and Munich malts create solid malt backbone. If you can’t get enough hops this is the recipe for you!
OG=1.083, F.G.=1.018, ABV=8.4%, IBU=100+, Fermentation Temp Range 60-72° F

Stilly Stout

Russian Imperial Stout All-Grain $49.99

Dark and Rich with a complex roast malt profile.
This high gravity beer is one to put aside for while and taste the progress as it ages.
OG=1.082, FG=1.020, ABV=8.1%, IBU=57, Fermentation Temp Range 60-72° F

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